Hello, I am
Matěj Brožek

full-stack developer / educator


I make software,
love all things digital
and teach people.

I'm into all things digital, whether it's web development, app programming, creating games, 3D modeling or VR. I love working with clients from all backgrounds and helping them achieve their goals.

Because of my fondness for learning, I also teach and lecture about various technological topics. I am expanding this passion through my studies at the Faculty of Education.


Crow Digital

co-owner & CTO

Jan Hanko

front-end, SEO


3D, programming, design

B&B Wood

front-end, back-end, SEO

Happyend Lounge

front-end, back-end, e-shop

Coming soon

I'm always working on new things :)


I'd love to hear from you!

Matěj Brožek IČO: 07990600 +420 603 393 708 brozek@crowdigital.cz